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AWS DDK 1.0.0

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@malachi-constant malachi-constant released this 25 May 15:32
· 169 commits to main since this release

New functionality & Breaking Changes 馃殌

  • Source code is now written in Typescript and uses JSII to package both python and typescript versions of the library. In the near future we will add support for all AWS CDK supported programming languages.
  • A new optional config construct Configurator() has been implemented to replace the required Config() construct from earlier verisons.
  • The DDK CLI has been deprectated. Projects that were bootstrapped using ddk bootstrap will still be supported.
  • New stages have been added

See upgrade guide for specifics on breaking changes: Upgrade Guide


See other guides here

Features/Enhancements 馃殌

Fixes 馃洜锔

Documentation 馃摎

  • Add documentation for the stages (#311) (2c8e3eb)
  • Fix documentation structure & add docs for BaseStack and CICDPipelineStack (#310) (11d5a1e)

Packages 馃棾锔

Tests 馃И

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 0.6.2...v1.0.0