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AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript

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A suite of utilities for AWS Lambda functions to ease the adoption of best practices such as tracing, structured logging, custom metrics, and more.

You can use the library in both TypeScript and JavaScript code bases.

Also available in Python, Java, and .NET.

Documentation | npm | Roadmap | Examples | Serverless TypeScript Demo

Table of contents


  • Tracer - Utilities to trace Lambda function handlers, and both synchronous and asynchronous functions
  • Logger - Structured logging made easier, and a middleware to enrich log items with key details of the Lambda context
  • Metrics - Custom Metrics created asynchronously via CloudWatch Embedded Metric Format (EMF)

Getting started

Find the complete project's documentation here.


You have 2 ways of consuming those utilities:

  • NPM modules
  • Lambda Layer

Lambda layers

The AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript utilities is packaged as a single AWS Lambda Layer

👉 Installation guide for the AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript layer

NPM modules

The AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript utilities follow a modular approach, similar to the official AWS SDK v3 for JavaScript.
Each TypeScript utility is installed as standalone NPM package.

Install all three core utilities at once with this single command:

npm install @aws-lambda-powertools/logger @aws-lambda-powertools/tracer @aws-lambda-powertools/metrics

Or refer to the installation guide of each utility:

👉 Installation guide for the Tracer utility

👉 Installation guide for the Logger utility

👉 Installation guide for the Metrics utility


Serverless TypeScript Demo application

The Serverless TypeScript Demo shows how to use Lambda Powertools for TypeScript.
You can find instructions on how to deploy and load test this application in the repository.


If you are interested in contributing to this project, please refer to our Contributing Guidelines.


The roadmap of Powertools is driven by customers’ demand.
Help us prioritize upcoming functionalities or utilities by upvoting existing RFCs and feature requests, or creating new ones, in this GitHub repository.



Credits for the Lambda Powertools idea go to DAZN and their DAZN Lambda Powertools.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.