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@sapessi sapessi released this Jan 25, 2019 · 54 commits to master since this release


  • New: We created lambda_runtime_core crate that implements the runtime's main loop and supports handlers that accept and return Vec<u8>. (#53)
  • New: The primary lambda_runtime crate is a wrapper on top of the lambda_runtime_core handler (#53).
  • New: The lambda_http crate, which enables support for API Gateway or ALB requests, treating them as Request structs from the http crate (#18 by @softprops).
  • New: The lambda_runtime_errors crate introduces the LambdaErrorExt trait that enables the ability to specify custom errorType values for the Lambda Runtime API. The change also includes a companion derive crate that makes it easy to automatically generate LambdaErrorExt implementations for crate-local error types (#63).
  • Fix: Handlers can now return any error type (#54).
  • Fix: Support for closures as handlers (#19 by @srijs).
  • Fix: Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements (thanks @Sh4rK).
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