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Understand Resource Level Metadata

This is a design to capture how SAM CLI can support templates that are generated from different frameworks, e.g. AWS Cloud Development Kit.

Initially, the support will only be for processing Resource Metadata within the template, which enables support for customers using AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

What is the problem?

Customers have different ways to define their AWS Resources. As of writing (Jan. 2109), SAM CLI supports the use case of defining an application in CloudFormation/SAM (a super set of CloudFormation). These CloudFormation/SAM applications are written in json or yaml and deployed through AWS CloudFormation. Frameworks like CDK offer customers an alternative in how they define their applications. SAM CLI should support the ability to invoke functions defined through these other frameworks to enable them to locally debug or manage their applications.

What will be changed?

To start, we will add support for processing Resource Metadata that is embedded into the template: SAM CLI will add a processing step on the templates it reads. This will consist of reading the template and for each resource reading the Metadata and replacing values as specified.

In the future, we can support creating these templates from the different frameworks in a command directly within SAM CLI but is out of scope in the initial implementation of support.

Success criteria for the change

  • Ability to invoke functions locally that contain Metadata on a Resource
  • Process a template with CDK Metadata on a resource.


  • A command that will generate the template from the framework.

User Experience Walkthrough

CDK is a framework that appends this Metadata to Resources within a template and will use this as an example.

Customer using CDK

A customer will use CDK to generate the template. This can be done by generating a template and saving it to a file: cdk synth > template.yaml. Then will then be able to sam local [invoke|start-api|start-lambda] any function they have defined [1].

[1] Note: The cdk version must be greater than v0.21.0 as the metadata needed to parse is not appended on older versions.


CLI Changes

For the features currently in scope, there are no changes to the CLI interface.

Breaking Change

No breaking changes


All the providers, which are used to get resources out of the template provided to the command, call SamBaseProvider.get_template(template_dict, parameter_overrides) to get a normalized template. This function call is responsible for taking a SAM template dictionary and returning a cleaned copy of the template where SAM plugins have been run and parameter values have been substituted. Given the current scope of this call, expanding it to also normalize metadata, seems reasonable. We will expand SamBaseProvider.get_tempalte() to call a ResourceMetadataNormalizer class that will be responsible for understanding the metadata and normalizing the template with respect to the metadata.

Template snippet that contains the metadata SAM CLI will parse and understand.

      Type: AWS::Lambda::Function
          S3Bucket: mybucket
          S3Key: myKey
        aws:asset:path: '/path/to/function/code'
        aws:asset:property: 'Code'

The two keys we will recognize are aws:asset:path and aws:asset:property. aws:asset:path's value will be the path to the code, files, etc that are on the machine, while aws:asset:property is the Property of the Resource that needs to be replaced. So in the example above, the Code Property will be replaced with /path/to/function/code.

Below algorithm to do this Metadata Normalization on the template.

class ResourceMetadataNormalizer(object):

    def normalize(template_dict):
        for resource in template_dict.get('Resources'):
            if 'Metadata' in resource:
                asset_property = resource.get('Metadata').get('aws:asset:property')
                asset_path = resource.get('Metadata').get('aws:asset:path')
                ResourceMetadataNormalizer.replace_property(asset_property, asset_path)

.samrc Changes



Tip: How does this change impact security? Answer the following questions to help answer this question better:

What new dependencies (libraries/cli) does this change require?


What other Docker container images are you using?


Are you creating a new HTTP endpoint? If so explain how it will be created & used


Are you connecting to a remote API? If so explain how is this connection secured


Are you reading/writing to a temporary folder? If so, what is this used for and when do you clean up?


How do you validate new .samrc configuration?


Documentation Changes

  • Blog or Documentation that explains how you can define an application in CDK and use SAM CLI to test/invoke

Open Issues

Task Breakdown

  • Send a Pull Request with this design document
  • Build the command line interface
  • Build the underlying library
  • Unit tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Integration tests
  • Run all tests on Windows
  • Update documentation
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