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Script to evaluate your AWS account against the full CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark 1.1
The script have a number of different outputs, all optional by changing the settings inside the script.
All outputs will generate a single report of all supported controls in short format, full JSON or HTML.
Delivery of the report is console output for JSON structure, S3 SignedURL for HTML file and optional publish to SNS for the S3 SignedURL if you wish to receive an email or trigger other functions any time a new report is done.
You can also store the reports in a central S3 bucket if you run this for multiple accounts



Verified with Python 2.7. Python 3.6 support in process.

Config Rules

By adding the script to you AWS account as a Lambda function you can tie it to a Config Rule.
You don't need to change or enable anything in the script when using with Config Rule, the script will autosense it and automatically start reporting compliance status at the account level.
The script will also report back a short-form version of the result using the annotation field. You can see this value using the Config API:
aws configservice get-compliance-details-by-config-rule --config-rule-name
Keep in mind that the lambda function needs to have timeout set to max time.

Local execution

You can also run this script from a admin console using python and AWS SDK.
It will use the credentials you have stored in your profiles.

Run without parameters to use default profile:')
Specify profile by using the -p or --profile
python [-p|--profile] <profile>

IAM Policy

The IAM policy required to run the script is located in the file

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