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You can use this script to do the pre-requisites checks before changing the instance type to M5/C5. This script performs the following actions:

- Verify if NVMe module is installed on your instance. If yes then it will verify if it is loaded in the intiramfs image.

- Verify if ENA module is installed on your instance.

- Analyses the “/etc/fstab” and look for the block devices being mounted using device names. It will give you a prompt to ask if you want to regenerate and modify your  current “/etc/fstab” file to replace the device name of each partition with its UUID. The original fstab file will be saved as /etc/fstab.backup.$(date +%F-%H:%M:%S) for e.g /etc/fstab.backup.2018-05-01-22:06:05

[WARNING: Provide "y" only if you want this script to rewrite the current "/etc/fstab" file. If you provide "n" or "No", it will just print the correct /etc/fstab file in the output but would not replace it]

------- Running the scrips -------

  • Place the script on your instance and make it executable

    chmod +x

  • Run the script as a "root" user or "sudo" otherwise it would fail with the following message "This script must be run as root"

    sudo ./

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