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eks-node-viewer is a tool for visualizing dynamic node usage within a cluster. It was originally developed as an internal tool at AWS for demonstrating consolidation with Karpenter. It displays the scheduled pod resource requests vs the allocatable capacity on the node. It does not look at the actual pod resource usage.

Talks Using eks-node-viewer



brew tap aws/tap
brew install eks-node-viewer


Please either fetch the latest release or install manually using:

go install

Note: This will install it to your GOBIN directory, typically ~/go/bin if it is unconfigured.


Usage of ./eks-node-viewer:
    	Show the Open Source Attribution
  -context string
    	Name of the kubernetes context to use
    	Disable pricing lookups
  -extra-labels string
    	A comma separated set of extra node labels to display
  -kubeconfig string
    	Absolute path to the kubeconfig file (default "~/.kube/config")
  -node-selector string
    	Node label selector used to filter nodes, if empty all nodes are selected
  -node-sort string
    	Sort order for the nodes, either 'creation' or a label name. The sort order can be controlled by appending =asc or =dsc to the value. (default "creation")
  -resources string
    	List of comma separated resources to monitor (default "cpu")
  -style string
    	Three color to use for styling 'good','ok' and 'bad' values. These are also used in the gradients displayed from bad -> good. (default "#04B575,#FFFF00,#FF0000")
  -v	Display eks-node-viewer version
    	Display eks-node-viewer version


# Standard usage
# Karpenter nodes only
eks-node-viewer --node-selector
# Display both CPU and Memory Usage
eks-node-viewer --resources cpu,memory
# Display extra labels, i.e. AZ
eks-node-viewer --extra-labels
# Sort by CPU usage in descending order
eks-node-viewer --node-sort=eks-node-viewer/node-cpu-usage=dsc
# Specify a particular AWS profile and region
AWS_PROFILE=myprofile AWS_REGION=us-west-2

Computed Labels

eks-node-viewer supports some custom label names that can be passed to the --extra-labels to display additional node information.

  • eks-node-viewer/node-age - Age of the node
  • eks-node-viewer/node-cpu-usage - CPU usage (requests)
  • eks-node-viewer/node-memory-usage - Memory usage (requests)
  • eks-node-viewer/node-pods-usage - Pod usage (requests)
  • eks-node-viewer/node-ephemeral-storage-usage - Ephemeral Storage usage (requests)

Default Options

You can supply default options to eks-node-viewer by creating a file named .eks-node-viewer in your home directory and specifying options there. The format is option-name=value where the option names are the command line flags:

# select only Karpenter managed nodes

# display both CPU and memory

# show the zone and nodepool name by default,

# sort so that the newest nodes are first


NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.

This CLI relies on AWS credentials to access pricing data if you don't use the --disable-pricing option. You must have credentials configured via ~/aws/credentials, ~/.aws/config, environment variables, or some other credential provider chain.

See credential provider documentation for more.

I get an error of creating client, exec plugin: invalid apiVersion ""

Updating your AWS cli to the latest version and updating your kubeconfig should resolve this issue.



$ make build

Or local execution of GoReleaser build:

$ make goreleaser