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A configuration object for Enyim's MemcachedClient that enables the use of Amazon ElastiCache's Auto Discovery feature
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Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Configuration for .NET

Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Configuration is an enhanced .NET library that supports connecting to an Amazon ElastiCache cluster for Auto Discovery. This client library is an extension built upon Enyim and is released under the Apache 2.0 License.


To use Amazon ElastiCache with Auto Discovery, the ElastiCacheClusterConfig object must be passed to the MemcachedClient object. An ElastiCacheClusterConfig can be created from the App.config if there is a clusterclient section or you can pass a different section.

var client = new MemcachedClient(new ElastiCacheClusterConfig());

ElastiCacheClusterConfig can also be instantiated by providing it an AutoConfigSetup or simply provide the hostname and port like so:

var client = new MemcachedClient(new ElastiCacheClusterConfig("hostname", 11211));

Once instantiation occurs in this way, MemcachedClient can be used the same way as the Enyim Client. The only difference is a background process polls the cluster and updates nodes when changes occur.


The ElastiCacheClusterConfig object can be configured from an application's App.config file. Here is a sample App.config that configures the Amazon ElastiCache configuration URL and the polling interval at which the client will check for changes to the cluster.

  <endpoint hostname="" port="11211" />
  <poller intervalDelay="60000" />

The rest of the app.config configuration items for Enyim can be found here.

Enyim Client

Because this binary is used as a configuration object for the Enyim MemcachedClient, usage beyond instantiation is all exactly the same so refer to this wiki or this google group on how to use the actual client.


The wiki found here goes into more detail on the usage of the ElastiCacheClusterConfig object as well as how the project takes advantage of Auto Discovery.


You'll need .NET Framework 3.5 or later to use the precompiled binaries. To build the client, you'll need Visual Studio 2010 or higher.

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