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IoT Application Kit

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IoT Application Kit is a development library for building Industrial IoT web based applications.

IoT App Kit is an open-source library consisting of front-end components and utilities. With IoT App Kit, you can build front-end applications and webpages to utilize IoT data. By default, IoT App Kit helps to retrieve data from AWS IoT SiteWise and AWS IoT TwinMaker You can also install plugins to retrieve data from your own sources. There’s no charge for using IoT App Kit.

For an example of a real world use case using the IoT App Kit, visit this tutorial on how to use IoT App Kit

IoT App Kit Demo

Contributors guide to IoT App Kit

Learn how to contribute by reviewing the following documents:


The IoT Application Kit containing the following public packages:


@iot-app-kit/react-components exposes the core iot-app-kit web components as React components.

Learn more here.


@iot-app-kit/scene-composer is a 3D rendering component built over @react-three/fiber that renders your digital twin and enables you to interact with it.

Learn more here.


@iot-app-kit/source-iotsitewise exposes the AWS IoT SiteWise source, which enables you to visualize and interact with your AWS IoT SiteWise data and assets.

Learn more here.


@iot-app-kit/source-iottwinmaker exposes the AWS IoT TwinMaker source, which enables you to visualize and interact with your AWS IoT TwinMaker data and digital twins.

Learn more here.


@iot-app-kit/core is the core library which exposes the iot-app-kit framework and shared typescript Types and utilities, and is what iot-app-kit components are built upon.

Learn more here.


@iot-app-kit/tools-iottwinmaker contains functionality for the AWS IoT TwinMaker Development Tools (TMDT), a set of tools to aid in AWS IoT TwinMaker project management.

Learn more here.


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.