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Name: Voices Obscured in Complex Environmental Settings (VOiCES)
Description: |
VOiCES is a speech corpus recorded in acoustically challenging settings,
using distant microphone recording. Speech was recorded in real rooms with various
acoustic features (reverb, echo, HVAC systems, outside noise, etc.). Adversarial noise,
either television, music, or babble, was concurrently played with clean speech.
Data was recorded using multiple microphones strategically placed
throughout the room. The corpus includes audio recordings, orthographic transcriptions,
and speaker labels.
UpdateFrequency: Data from two additional rooms will be added to the corpus Fall 2018.
- aws-pds
- machine learning
- automatic speech recognition
- speaker identification
- denoising
- speech processing
License: Creative Commons BY 4.0 (see [here](htpps:// for more details)
- Description: wav audio files, orthographic transcriptions, and speaker ID
ARN: arn:aws:s3:::lab41openaudiocorpus
Region: us-east-1
Type: S3 Bucket
- Title: Getting started with VOiCES data
AuthorName: M.A. Barrios