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Pidgin/libpurple plugin for Amazon Chime
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Pidgin plugin for Amazon Chime


This plugin is not supported by the Amazon Chime team. Do not contact them for any assistance with this client.


sudo dnf install 'pkgconfig(purple)' 'pkgconfig(libsoup-2.4)' 'pkgconfig(json-glib-1.0)'
sudo make install

Given the rate of development, you may find it easier to make a symbolic link from the installed plugin (e.g. /usr/lib64/purple-2/ to .libs/ in your working tree.


This plugin is capable of obtaining the session token by emulating a web browser and following the sign in process. Currently, it is possible to log in with your corporate credentials (Active Directory) as well as with your Amazon credentials.

During this process, user input may be required (user and password, or just password). Make sure you are using a libpurple application that properly implements interactive user input.

Passwords will not be stored anywhere. Passwords are only necessary to obtain a session token, and new session tokens are obtained with the previous one. If the token gets lost or corrupted, the sign in process will be triggered again to obtain a new token.

In case all this stops working, the session token can be obtained with a web browser; but first report this situation. Start from this link and complete the authentication process until you end up at a URI that the browser cannot handle, which looks something like


The part after Token= is your authentication token. Create an account in Pidgin, select Amazon Chime as the protocol in the Basic tab then go to the Advanced tab and paste the token in the Token field. Leave the Signin URL field empty.


Run from a terminal with the CHIME_DEBUG environment variable set to a non-empty string.

This repository also includes a command specifically intended to ease debugging the sign in web scrapping code. It's not compiled by default. In order to build it and run it, use the following commands:

make chime-get-token
CHIME_DEBUG=2 ./chime-get-token

This will dump all the HTTP request performed during the authentication and token retrieval. If possible, attach its output when reporting an authentication issue.

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