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@keetonian keetonian released this Apr 26, 2019 · 26 commits to master since this release

SAM v1.11.0 Release: SAM now supports two more API Gateway Features - IAM Authorizers and Gateway Responses

IAM Authorizers

AWS SAM previously let you control who can access your Amazon API Gateway APIs with an Amazon Cognito user pool or an API Gateway Lambda Authorizer. Now, you can control access to an API defined in SAM with IAM Permissions. To learn more, see controlling access to APIs using IAM permissions and an example application that uses this feature. Shout out to @horike37 for this contribution! (#827)

Gateway Responses

With this release, you can also define Gateway Responses in your AWS::Serverless::API resources. Amazon API Gateway lets you customize the content of error responses, and you can now define these in SAM. To learn more, see Set up Gateway Responses to Customize Error Responses and an example application that uses this feature. Shout out to @chrisoverzero for this contribution! (#841)

FindInMap support for Serverless::Application

This release also adds support for using FindInMap to specify the ApplicationId and SemanticVersion properties of a Serverless::Application. To learn more, see the docs for FindInMap and Nested Applications. (#856)

# Example application using !FindInMap
    Type: 'AWS::Serverless::Application'
        ApplicationId: !FindInMap
          - ApplicationLocations
          - !Ref 'AWS::Region'
          - ApplicationId
        SemanticVersion: !FindInMap
          - ApplicationLocations
          - !Ref 'AWS::Region'
          - Version 

Change Log:

(#808) Add ReservedConcurrentExecutions to globals
(#858) Fix ElasticsearchHttpPostPolicy resource reference
(#855) Support using AWS::Region in Ref and Sub
(#831 #814 #879) Documentation and examples updates
(#835) Add VersionDescription property to Serverless::Function
(#847) Update ServerlessRepoReadWriteAccessPolicy
(#873 #860 #846 #845) Add additional template validation

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