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What's New in SAM v1.8.0?

Define API Gateway Authorizers in SAM

#546 You can use AWS SAM to easily control who can access your API Gateway APIs with an Amazon Cognito user pool or an API Gateway Lambda Authorizer. An authorizer can be a Lambda authorizer, which is a Lambda function that you provide to control access to your API methods, or it can be an Amazon Cognito user pool, which is a user directory in Amazon Cognito. In SAM, you can define these authorizers as a property of an API, or as a new resource which can be used across multiple APIs.

To get started, check out the specification updates for using the new Authorizer (Auth) parameter within an AWS::Serverless::Api resource or within an API event for an AWS::Serverless::Function. See more examples of how to use Cognito authorizers, Lambda request authorizers, and Lambda token authorizers.

Other Updates

#511 Add dynamodb:DescribeTable to DynamoDBCrudPolicy
#589 Added RekognitionFacesManagementPolicy

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