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For all your network pentesting needs
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    ____ ____ ____ ____ _  _     _  _ ____ ___      ____ _  _ ___ ____ ____ _  _ ____ 
    |    |__/ |__| |    |_/      |\/| |__| |__]     |___  \/   |  |__/ |___ |\/| |___ 
    |___ |  \ |  | |___ | \_     |  | |  | |        |___ _/\_  |  |  \ |___ |  | |___ 
		   Crack Map Exec - eXtreme edition                

General Overview
SMB: Command Execution Reference

and dont worry,

This is a python3 rewrite of CrackMapExec.
As I was converting, several issues came up due to dependancies that I ended up changing a bit of how things work.

Not all modules have been carried over yet and this is still a work in progress.
Feel free to open issues, I know of a few (usually due to target OS compatibility)
but will still use the issue log to track/address.

Same cme feels, just a bit different under-the-hood.


Firstly, of course, major props to the one and only @byt3bl33d3r for creating the original CME.
Have a look at his latest project over at SilentTrinity

Second, wowz omg to the guys over at SecureAuthCorp for impacket. Notably asolino and dirkjanm
CMX merely feels like a wrapper script around all their awesomeness (this version at least ;)

You'll find new features and use-case's, check the command exec guide for some of them.
Still lots to do but I'm getting there.
I'll start an upcoming/planned features log here at some point.

Also note, there's a ton of half-documented functions / over-used debug statements / and commented out code currently.
After things smooth out I'll get to fully documenting and cleanup.

SMB modules are just getting going but there are a few in progress.
Mimikatz, for the most part, is working (i think)

WinRM is the only other protocol at this point but certainly not ready.

Kali Quickstart
apt install pipenv
cd /opt
git clone 
cd /opt/CrackMapExtreme  
pipenv --three               #ignore any errors and continue
pipenv shell  
pip install -r requirements.txt 
python -q install 
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