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🍃 Spring Cloud AWS

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Simplifies using AWS managed services in a Spring and Spring Boot applications.

For a deep dive into the project, refer to the Spring Cloud AWS documentation:

Version Reference Docs API Docs
Spring Cloud AWS 3.0.1 Reference Docs API Docs
Spring Cloud AWS 2.4.4 Reference Docs API Docs
Spring Cloud AWS 2.3.5 Reference Docs API Docs


Big thanks to Localstack for providing PRO licenses to the development team!

Compatibility with Spring Project Versions

This project has dependency and transitive dependencies on Spring Projects. The table below outlines the versions of Spring Cloud, Spring Boot and Spring Framework versions that are compatible with certain Spring Cloud AWS version.

Spring Cloud AWS Spring Cloud Spring Boot Spring Framework AWS Java SDK
2.3.x (maintenance mode) 2020.0.x (3.0/Illford) 2.4.x, 2.5.x 5.3.x 1.x
2.4.x (maintenance mode) 2021.0.x (3.1/Jubilee) 2.6.x, 2.7.x 5.3.x 1.x
3.0.x 2022.0.x (4.0/Kilburn) 3.0.x 6.0.x 2.x

Note: 3.0.0-M2 is the last version compatible with Spring Boot 2.7.x and Spring Cloud 3.1. Starting from 3.0.0-M3, project has switched to Spring Boot 3.0.

Supported AWS integrations

AWS Service Spring Cloud AWS 2.x Spring Cloud AWS 3.x
Parameter Store
Secrets Manager
Cognito Covered by Spring Boot

Note, that Spring provides support for other AWS services in following projects:

Checking out and building

To check out the project and build it from source, do the following:

git clone
cd spring-cloud-aws
./mvnw package

To build and install jars into your local Maven cache:

./mvnw install

For faster builds, we recommend using Maven Daemon and using following commands:


make build


make clean

Format code:

make format

Building documentation

Documentation can be built by activating the docs profile in the maven build.

make docs

It generates:

  • reference documentation in docs/target/generated-docs/
  • API docs in target/site/

Getting in touch

Or reach out directly to individual team members: