Framer.js module for making grid systems
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GridLayer for Framer.js

Tiny module for making grids.



  1. Download the file
  2. Drop it inside the code editor of a framer studio project

More info about modules in Framer and how to install them: FramerJS Docs - Modules


.layers - Array with layers you want to move inside the grid

.columns - Number of columns in grid

.rows - Number of rows in grid

.marginRow - Margin between rows

.marginColumn - Margin between columns

.margin - Combined setting for marginRow and marginColumn

.destroyRemaining - Destroy the layers that remains in the .layers array after grid has been created. Defaults to true


Basic usage

grid = new GridLayer
	layers: [image1,image2,image3,image3]
	columns: 2
	rows: 2
	marginColumn: 20
	marginRow: 20


Twitter: @andreaswah