Sketch plugin that makes it easy to automatically fill your mockups with custom images.
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ImageFiller for Sketch

This plugin makes it easy to automatically fill layers in Sketch with your own images. On each run, it will randomly fetch images from a folder you've populated and apply them to the layers in your current selection.


Don't want to use custom images? Try the pre-filled Content Generator, instead. It comes with dummy data for avatars, names, places and more.

ImageFiller's features

  • Apply images to hundreds of layers in a single click
  • Designed to be modified! Use your own images from anywhere on your computer (eg. shared dropbox folder)
  • Traversing! Images in subdirectories are also included!
  • Works great with both shapes and bitmap layers
  • Never picks the same photo twice (unless there are no more available in the folder)
  • Use your own custom menu structure in Sketch by placing the .sketchplugin files in nested subdirectories


  1. Open Sketch and choose Plugins > Reveal Plugins Folder
  2. Download this project and place the folder inside the Plugins directory.
  3. Rename it to something prettier than "ImageFiller-master" (this will be the name of the menu item in Sketch)
  4. Select some layers in Sketch and run the plugin from the Plugins menu.

How to add your own image catalogue

  1. Duplicate one of the existing .sketchplugin files and change the image path to a folder on your computer
  2. Open Sketch, select a few layers and run the plugin from the Plugins menu

How to remove the example images

  1. Delete the .sketchplugin file
  2. Delete the corresponding folder under /Photos.


Twitter: @andreaswah