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A responsive WordPress theme framework generated with ZURB's Foundation
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fix shortcode class

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library fix shortcode class
loops update to 1.2.0
page-templates Merge pull request #18 from senlin/patch-1
post-formats git it started
404.php git it started 1.2.2 update - Foundation 4.3.1
archive-portfolio.php 1.1.4 - fixes page links, breadcrumbs, archives
archive.php git it started
author.php git it started
category.php git it started
comments.php minor html validation
favicon.ico git it started
favicon.png git it started
footer.php git it started
functions.php Declare WooCommerce support
header.php update to 1.2.0
home.php git it started
image.php git it started
index.php git it started
page.php git it started
readme.txt 1.2.2 update - Foundation 4.3.1
screenshot.png git it started
search.php fix search loop
searchform.php update to 1.2.0
sidebar-footer.php git it started
sidebar-frontpage.php 1.1.4 - fixes page links, breadcrumbs, archives
sidebar.php 1.1.4 - fixes page links, breadcrumbs, archives
single-portfolio.php git it started
single.php git it started
style.css Update breadcrumbs
tag.php git it started
taxonomy-portfolio-category.php update to 1.1.0
taxonomy-portfolio-tag.php update to 1.1.0


A powerful WordPress Framework generated using ZURB's Foundation

Reactor is a responsive parent theme for WordPress. That means that it can be used as is or made to look and function however you like using a child theme. Reactor comes packed with a bunch of great features such as shortcodes, customizer settings, and page templates. It also includes all the fantastic scripts and styles found in Foundation 4 by ZURB.




Anthony Wilhelm (@awshout)


GPLv2 (or later, Same as WordPress) -
Foundation by ZURB is MIT -
MixItUp by Barrel LLC is CC BY-ND 3.0 -

Basically this means Reactor is free to use! A link back is always appreciated.

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