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20081128 UB
* Added &debug flag to TestResponder url. This forces the test to run ''inside'' the fitnesse process. If you are running fitnesse in a debugger, you can breakpoint your fixtures.
* Symbols can be java properties or environment variables. Symbols first, env variables second, java properties third.
* If the first cell of a script table is a symbol assignment ($V=) then the rest must be a function call. The symbol is assigned the return value of the function.
20081118 UB
Fixed some bugs in Decision Table that misreported exceptions when the execute
method was not present.
Fixed bug in QueryTable that misreported when the query method returned null.
20081112 UB
Added ?format=xml to TestResponder and SuiteResponder so that you can get test results using REST.
20080920 UB
Added !style_myStyle(some text) widget. This translates to <span class="myStyle">some text</span>
Added TEST_SYSTEM variable. If this variable is defined on a test page, it will replace the ?test
on the test button link with the value of the variable. So if the variable is 'zap', then ?zap
will replace ?test on the test button link. I use this to invoke alternate test runners.
-- 20080702 RELEASE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Uncle Bob.
Added new ant target "release", which does everything necessary for a release including running
all the unit and acceptance tests. Got all the unit and acceptance tests to run in ant too,
of course. That was a bit tricky since ant wants to execute everything that ends in 'Test'.
So I had to change a few class names.
-- 20080701 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dean Wampler:
Fix a few build problems reported by users.
1) ClassPathBuilderTest.testWildCardExpansion() didn't handle Windows paths.
2) "Rogue" dummy.jar in SVN caused build "mischief".
3) Added comment to BUILD_README.txt about the special tests for Ruby, CPP, and .NET Fit.
-- 20080616 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dean Wampler:
This commit contains the following changes (listed in no particular order). Most are usability improvements, but a few involve relatively-minor behavior changes.
1) Changed the default ant build target to "all", which is new and which is effectively the same as the "testbuild" target.
2) When you are editing a page, you can save your changes using control+s on the Mac and alt+s on the PC. I haven't tried it on Linux yet, but alt+s should work. Overriding the browsers command+s (Mac) or control+s (PC) is harder, but I may try to support those instead.
3) The HTML headers h4 through h6 are now supported.
5) Some command "links" have been replaced with buttons so it is easier to invoke them with hot keys or tabbing to them. For example, the "page does not" exist page has a "create page" button with access key "c" (i.e., "alt+c" on most platforms) and yes and no links on confirmation pages have been replaced with yes and no buttons with access keys "y" and "n", respectively.
6) The edit page also has some "hints", such as supporting control+s/alt+s for saving.
7) The front page has been simplified slightly and hints about what to do next have been added.
8) The links in the sidebar and footer have been reorganized and (hopefully) improved. Some links are now turned on by default that were not previously, like "Edit" and "Properties". Having them off was a major roadblock to getting started for the beginner!
9) To provide an easier clicking target than the single "?" for non-existent pages, the link is now "[?]".
10) Pages with names that end in "Test" now default to having the Test property set; pages that start with "Test" still support this default.
11) Pages with names that end in "Suite" now default to having the Suite property set; pages that start with "Suite" still support this default.
12) The text fields on the Properties pages are now longer.
13) The "!contents" are now displayed with a "Contents:" title (just bold text and only for the top-level contents, when listing contents recursively.). A faint box around the list is also shown.
14) In the Properties page, the checkbox for "automatically update the wiki import when tests are run" defaults to "on" if importing hasn't been set up. This was done to encourage people to work this way....
15) There are now convenience links on setup, teardown, and included pages to edit them. When you save, you will be returned to the page where you clicked the link, not the page you just edited.
16) If you go to a non-existent URL, you are now taken directly to the edit page, on the assumption that you wanted to create a new page. You can always use the back button to cancel. (I tried adding a cancel button, but ran into page navigation problems that I didn't pursue. TBD)
17) The first time you edit a new page, the text "!contents" is automatically added, as a default.
18) You can now pass JVM arguments to "" using the new "-J jvm_arg" option. (This enhancement wasn't added to the run.bat, however. Any volunteers??)
19) Fixed bug where white space after the last "|" a table row line results in a mysterious failure to parse the table. Specifically, all trailing (but not leading) spaces and tabs are trimmed from the wiki page lines (with some specific, but harmless(?) exceptions...).
20) Added links on page footers to create set-up and tear-down pages, since beginners don't know how to do this.
21) Generated HTML is more XHTML "compatible", e.g., all "<br>" are now written as "<br/>".
-- 20080610 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Uncle Bob:
Added double wildcard to !path so that all files in all subdirectories can be included
as in !path myDirectory/**.jar
-- 20071107 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Changes, ACDassing (i-m-fit-r-u) [acd]
Bug Fixes: - commented out reassignment of global
WidgetBuilder.htmlWidgetBuilder; it negatively affected subsequent tests via the
integrated JUnit in Eclipse and appeared to be unnecessary.
.classpath - (Eclipse) "
Reorganization: Moved the following test modules to a different source folder for
Eclipse integrated JUnit support (why are these embedded in FitNesse?):
build.xml: Modified to support reorganization (above) using ${src2} initialzed with
srcFitServerTests. Reimplemented using StringBuffer per suggestion from Konrad Argasinski.
fitnesse_base.css: Modified .test_summary_link to be absolute to prevent inadvertant
hiding of long page path names.
-- 20071102 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Changes, ACDassing (i-m-fit-r-u) [acd]
N.B.: Create a "TODO" or "Tasks" tag in your IDE to look for [acd]; all mods are tagged as such.
- - - -
Eclipse: org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs - achieves a clean compile for Java 5.
* Enabled project-specific settings for Errors/Warnings
- Potential programming problems
. Serializable class without serialVersionUID: Ignore
- Generic types
. Unchecked generic type operation: Ignore
* Clean compile modifications to code
- Added @SuppressWarnings("unused") to seven classes.
- - - -
Bug Fixes:
* !define: Allow literals in parenthesized definitions; !lit(n) changed to !lit?n?.
* !lit(): Changed delimiters from () to ?? to allow literals in !define X () markups.
* !see: Backward-relative links included in suite test.
* alias: [[tag][link]]--link section handles all relative types and fragment suffixes.
- - - -
* !contents: -R<number> to limit recursion depth & show "..." when more depth exists.
* !contents: -g to re[g]race the TOC links.
* !define & ${}: Allow periods in variable names.
* !include: Multiple levels of relative child links are preserved.
* !include: Variables are properly scoped to the including page.
* !*<: New "invisible" collapsible section; requires div.invisible in fitnesse_base.css.
* !{= =}: New EvaluatorWidget to pre-process arithmetic expressions; allows variables.
* alias: [[tag][link]]--link section allows variables and expressions (see ${= =}.)
* REGRACE_TOC: Globally set regracing of TOC widgets; set {true} or {false}.
* REGRACE_LINK: Globally set regracing all page link widgets; set {true} or {false}.
* ${PAGE_NAME}: Global variable returning the name of the page.
* ${PAGE_PATH}: Global variable returning the absolute path to the page.
* FitLibrary: Changed access of Fixture.getArgsForTable() to public for FitLibrary mods.
* New module to support EvaluatorWidget expression evaluation.
* Semaphores: Checks for semaphores (file-based) for page arbitration; see
N.B., this is an initial implementation open to rewrite and extension to
exit the table/test/suite on failure/exception/semaphore.
-- 20070519 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tim Ottinger and RMartin added the < and > link prefixes back in Feb.
The > prefix replaces the ^ prefix, which is deprecated. >MyPage is now the
preferred way of linking to a subpage.
The < prefix is a search up the hierarchy. <MyPage.YourPage hunts from the current page
up the hierarchy to first occurrence of MyPage. Then it links to >YourPage from there.
Cleaned up a few odds and ends. Changed MockWikiPage to WikiPageDummy to follow
Gerard's new nomenclature for Test Doubles.
Apparently there have been some fixes to timing and reentrancy bugs by Andreas and a few others.
Someone added an ant task to start fitnesse. This means that in order to compile you have to
have the ANT jars in your classpath.
-- 20070426 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SuiteSetUp and SuiteTearDown is called on running a single test
Fixed unit tests which broke if run in non-US locale
-- 20060719 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Requires Java 5.
* Only modified pages are updated
* Orphaned pages are deleted
* Edit button removed, Edit Locally, Edit Remotely buttons added
* Automatic Update option
* SymbolicPages are not included in imports
Symbolic Links to external directories
Fixed FitServer Classpath bug.
Support for FitLibrary's SuiteFixture
Applied Joel Shprentz's fix for test execution threading issue on Solaris
Applied Randy Coulman's fix for for missing exceptions.
Minor bug fix to the Anchor widget
Fixed bug in files section where directories with spaces in the names caused problems.
Rafactoring: made the reference refactoring optional for the Rename and Move refactorings.
Last release containing VirtualWiki
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