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improved the javadoc description of the added factory method

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1 parent 303d2e6 commit 09f3e35b7f006006d44de0daccd1b4cf2c500be1 Petter Måhlén committed Aug 10, 2012
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@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@ public static Description createSuiteDescription(String name, Serializable uniqu
* Create a <code>Description</code> of a single test named <code>name</code> in the 'class' named
- * <code>className</code>. Generally, this will be a leaf <code>Description</code>.
+ * <code>className</code>. Generally, this will be a leaf <code>Description</code>. This method is a better choice
+ * than {@link #createTestDescription(Class, String, Annotation...)} for test runners whose test cases are not
+ * defined in an actual Java <code>Class</code>.
* @param className the class name of the test
* @param name the name of the test (a method name for test annotated with {@link org.junit.Test})
* @param annotations meta-data about the test, for downstream interpreters

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