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use strict;
use warnings;
use lib 'lib';
use Test::More tests => 9;
use Devel::ebug;
my $ebug = Devel::ebug->new;
$ebug->backend("$^X bin/ebug_backend_perl");
is($ebug->line, 6);
is($ebug->eval('$e'), 3);
is_deeply([$ebug->eval('$e')], [3, 0]);
my $exception = $ebug->eval('die 123');
like($exception, qr/^123 at \(eval \d+\)/);
my @exception = $ebug->eval('die 123');
is($exception[1], 1); # no like_deeply
like($exception[0], qr/^123 at \(eval \d+\)/);
is($ebug->eval('$e'), 4);
is($ebug->eval('$e'), 5);
is($ebug->yaml('$e'), "--- 5\n");
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