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Scrape and Email stuff from CSU's RamCT
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I got tired of reloading RamCT (A WebCT implementation at Colorado State
University, where i'm taking an online class). So I scraped the forum and
have it email to me :)

You can attempt to use it if you like. On the random box I'm running on I had
to install these deps (don't know what I already had). I chose to install
what I could from apt, and the rest from CPAN directly (using cpanminus,
which is in apt).

From apt-get:

  sudo apt-get install cpanminus libconfig-any-perl \
    libdbm-deep-perl libmime-lite-perl libauthen-sasl-perl

And directly from CPAN:

  sudo cpanm Web::Query

For configuration, I created ~/.ramct.ini, filling in all of the missing

username = 
password = 
baseurl  =
dbfile   = /home/yourusername/.ramct.db
smtphost = 
smtpuser = 
smtppass = 
smtpport = 
smtpfrom = 
smtpto   = 

the .ramct.db is a DBM::Deep hash of all the messages.

This just _barely_ works for my needs, and will almost definitely need tweaks
for anyone else. For example, it just selects the first class on your list
for now.

Also - I hear they are upgrading ramct in the summer, so this may be a very
short-lived hack :)

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