Contains ADT's for most of the commonly used Advanced DataStructures in C/C++
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This page will contain the current happenings in the project::

[Completed/READY]:: 1) Basic Node tree type search trees    [[Anil Varma Biruduraju]]
                    2) Added Basic Node tree type operations
                       [delete]                             [[Anil Varma Biruduraju]]

[In Progress]    :: 1) Basic Leaf tree type search trees    [[Anil Varma Biruduraju]]
	            2) ...

[Copyrights]     :: FREE FOR ALL.

[Keywords]       :: Node Type Trees
		    Leaf Type Trees
		    Search Trees
		    Balancing Search Trees

[Notes]          :: This will be the best place to be for anyone who are 
                    really looking forward for advanced concepts in operating 
                    systems and data structure and want to be part of something 
                    new ..... That I can promise!!!!