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This project is very old and very unlikely to works. At least it would need some adaptation if not major ones. The upstream library changed a lot but maybe the code could be useful in some way so it's kept here as an archive.


This program allows to make a two-way gateway between your WhatsApp account and your email address.

This means that this program:

  • (1) Will receive your WhatsApp messages and forward them to your email address AND
  • (2) It will forward emails in your IMAP/POP3 (or with SMTP/LMTP) directly to WhatsApp.


You will need to install yowsup and the dependencies:

    pip install yowsup2 python-axolotl parse

Then to configure this app, copy and edit the config file in YAML:

    cp config.yaml.example config.yaml
    edit whatsapp_config

Configuration (YAML):

In your config.yaml, change fields as necessary:

  • reply: The email address template that's used to reply to WhatsApp messages forwarded by email, for example: myaccount+{} . Note that the {} is replaced by the destination phone number.
  • whatsapp: Section containing WhatsApp credentials
  • phone: Your phone number using the international format (2 numbers), then your local number without the leading zero, eg: 41791234567
  • password: Your WhatsApp password, you should have it already or you need to register, read:
  • ingoing: Configures where are the messages you write that should be forwarded to WhatsApp. This program will connect through IMAP or POP3 (or can listen as a standalone SMTP server).
  • with: IMAP or POP3 or SMTP or LMTP
  • (look at config.yaml.example for the rest of details)
  • outgoing: Configures where are delivered the received WhatsApp messages to (currently only support: forward by email).
  • with: SMTP # only possible value for now
  • host: SMTP server address
  • port: SMTP server port
  • user: SMTP username to auth (can be empty)
  • pass: SMTP password to auth (can be empty)
  • sendto: Address which receives the WhatsApp messages
  • ssl: 1 or 0 to toggle to connect with SSL
  • force_starttls: 1 or 0 to toggle force STARTSSL at connection time


WhatsApp <-> Email (two-way bridge) in Python (supports IMAP/SMTP)




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