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Game of Life using scala.collection.concurrent.TrieMap

This demo shows how to use a Ctrie map implemenation to code an efficient Game of Life simulation.


Run ./sbt -sbt-snapshot. This will ensure that Scala 2.10.0-SNAPSHOT version is used. Thank you, Paul Phillips, for your excellent script.

After that:

bench -Dgenerations=5 -Dblocksize=10 -Dsidelength=400 -Dparlevel=2 -Drefreshrate=100 scaladays.GameOfLifeDemo

to run the graphical demo. You will see the number of generations simulated per second. You can experiment by changing the parallelism level with the parlevel option.

You can also run the benchmarks to precisely learn what the performance is:

bench -Dgenerations=5 -Dblocksize=10 -Dsidelength=400 -Dparlevel=2 -Drefreshrate=100 scaladays.GameOfLifeBench 5

Vary the generations option to set the number of generations of the game of life to simulate. The parlevel option again sets the parallelism level.

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