The mission statement of this project is and always will be "sync a folder of .vcf files with google contacts". No more and no less.
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NOTE: due to a demanding job and growing criticism towards google since the beginning of 2013 (PRISM only being the tip of the iceberg) this project has gone into hiatus before it even really started. The mission statement will be changed in the near future to read something like "sync with a generic CardDAV server". What follows is the old description:

The mission statement of this project is and always will be "sync a folder of .vcf files with google contacts". No more and no less.

Basic principles, choice of defaults and benchmarks are:

  • smooth interaction with ppl although this project is in no way limited to this.
  • A strict policy of "if in doubt: leave it to the user". No smart guessing please. We're dealing with real life user data here.


This project is in planing stage. I figure that this kind of software is nothing you just start hacking. Not that it is so overly complicated but there is hardly any "how does it feel?" factor. It is just ought to work. We can lay out the complete thing before doing a line of code. So this is what I am gonna do.

At this stage I am very open to suggestions and ideas. I beg you to bomb me with your thoughts and feature requests but please always keep the mission statement in mind.


I'll start sketching my first ideas as issues so you can discuss them. Later these issues will be turned into wiki pages as things start to crystallize.

  • By the end of January I hope to have a full wiki and proof of concept status on "talking to google". At this point I will start to implement things.
  • One ore two months later there should be an alpha implementation.
  • Everything beyond that is a smoke screen to me.

Not too super agile but I got a feeling this plan could hold.

What language?

Well. I'm a bit excited by the idea of writing some haskell code that somebody might actually use. So that is what I'm probably going to do. I am aware that this could keep some people away since you'd have to install the full ghc (~1GB) to compile from source. But I'll be hosting binaries and hope this will undo the damage.

Why "nucky"?

It's short. It's memorable. There is no "nucky" on github or the debian repositories. To be honest I've just been seeing 2 episodes of "Boardwalk Empire" and Nucky is the guy with the contacts . . .

It's just a name and it's not up for debate :)