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Add .vimrc, heavily based on the one @gf3 uses. Fixes #4.

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1 parent 001aa50 commit e55a70b6a03be6d4cb483bb5407b393f707c8b0b @mathiasbynens mathiasbynens committed Oct 17, 2011
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+" Make vim more useful
+set nocompatible
+" Allow cursor keys in insert mode
+set esckeys
+" Optimize for fast terminal connections
+set ttyfast
+" Add the g flag to search/replace by default
+set gdefault
+" Use UTF-8 without BOM
+set encoding=utf-8 nobomb
+" Change mapleader
+let mapleader=","
+" Don’t add empty newlines at the end of files
+set binary
+set noeol
+" Enable line numbers
+set number
+" Enable syntax highlighting
+syntax on
+" Highlight current line
+set cursorline
+" Show “invisible” characters
+set lcs=tab:›\ ,trail:·,eol:¬,nbsp:_
+set list
+" Highlight searches
+set hlsearch
+" Ignore case of searches
+set ignorecase
+" Highlight dynamically as pattern is typed
+set incsearch
+" Always show status line
+set laststatus=2
+" Enable mouse in all modes
+set mouse=a
+" Disable error bells
+set noerrorbells
+" Don’t reset cursor to start of line when moving around.
+set nostartofline
+" Show the cursor position
+set ruler
+" Don’t show the intro message when starting vim
+set shortmess=atI
+" Show the current mode
+set showmode
+" Show the filename in the window titlebar
+set title
+" Use relative line numbers
+set relativenumber
+au BufReadPost * set relativenumber
+" Start scrolling three lines before the horizontal window border
+set scrolloff=3
+" Strip trailing whitespace (,ss)
+function! StripWhitespace ()
+ let save_cursor = getpos(".")
+ let old_query = getreg('/')
+ :%s/\s\+$//e
+ call setpos('.', save_cursor)
+ call setreg('/', old_query)
+noremap <leader>ss :call StripWhitespace ()<CR>

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