Matomo upgrade script I use on my shared hoster
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MATOMO updater

GPLv3 - see

Use it on your own risk. If you like it then spread it :-)


This is a shell script I use at my web hoster to update the Matomo installation. After a backup of the config it updates all matomo file and starts console core:update for database migrations.

The special thing is:

  • my install directory is [webroot]/piwik/ ... and not /matomo/
  • At my hoster I have a few binaries. I must use unzip ... so extracting the zip


(1) You need an existing installation of Matomo.

(2) The script uses the following binaries that must exist in the PATH

  • wget
  • unzip
  • rsync
  • php


  • put the 2 bash files into a directory on your hoster
  • copy the inc-matomo-cfg.bash.dist to inc-matomo-cfg.bash (without .dist)
  • in the inc-matomo-cfg.bash set your webroot and target directory of matomo
  • chmod 0755 matomo-updater.bash


Run ./matomo-updater.bash to start the update. If a command would fail, then it stops.

After an upgrade go to the Matomo web backend and verify the installation and remove unneeded files.