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Haskell + Lisp (+ JVM/Node/…, soon) = Profit!


CURRENT STATUS: I’m currently recovering from some academic burnout (much to my chagrin), hence the dearth of recent activity. I promise that Axel is not abandoned, and active development should resume within the next several months.

Code Style

Run scripts/ to format code and scripts/ to run the linter.


Run cabal run -- axel <arguments> to build and run the project.


Run scripts/ to test the project.

Golden Tests

To prevent issues like #79: Before committing any new (or modified) golden tests, run `cabal exec ghci – -package axel` (or equivalent) on the corresponding `hs` files to ensure that they actually parse. (It’s okay if they don’t compile or evaluate, as long as they are valid Haskell.)


See the .axel files in this repository for example Axel programs.