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Welcome to Axel: a purely functional, extensible, and powerful functional programming language!

Axel is in alpha (see the welcome blog post), so the language and documentation might change at any time. (It's worth noting that we don't expect many drastic changes from here on out, but we cannot yet guarantee Axel's stability between versions.)

Why use Axel instead of Haskell, or another Lisp?

Whenever you see a link to one of Axel's GitHub issues, that means you can help shape the future of Axel! We'd love it if you'd chime in to the conversation and give your feedback.

If you're coming from Haskell and would like a tutorial, start at Syntax Reference! Then, move on to Introduction to Macros for a tutorial on Axel's metaprogramming capabilities. (To learn how to install and use the axel executable, see the Command Line Tool Reference.)

We hope you enjoy Axel, and please open a GitHub issue with any questions or feedback!

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