Axemblr Provisionr in 5 Minutes

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Get Provisionr

You can download the latest stable release from, you need to append the name of the archived distribution: com.axemblr.provisionr-x.y.z.tar.gz, by replacing x.y.z with your version number. The latest stable release is 0.3.0 and you can see a release history on the wiki here on GitHub.

Installing Provisionr

Installing is as easy as unziping the archive in a folder of your choice:

tar -xzvf com.axemblr.provisionr-x.y.z.tar.gz

After unzipping, you should set your credentials for your provider of choice. As a rule of thumb, all configuration files are in the ./etc/ directory. For example, the credentials for Amazon should be typed in ./etc/

Gluing it all together

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=[your access key]
export AWS_SECRET_KEY=[your secret key]

tar -xzvf com.axemblr.provisionr-0.3.0.tar.gz; mv com.axemblr.provisionr-0.3.0 provisionr; cd provisionr

cp system/com/axemblr/provisionr/provisionr-amazon/0.3.0/provisionr-amazon-0.3.0-defaults.cfg etc/

sed -i -e "s/accessKey = .*$/accessKey = $AWS_ACCESS_KEY/g" etc/
sed -i -e "s/secretKey = .*$/secretKey = $AWS_SECRET_KEY/g" etc/


You should now have provisionr running, configured to execute commands on top of AWS.

Running Provisionr

To start a simple pool with three machines and all the necessary packages for running Jenkins execute the following command:

$ provisionr:create --key jenkins-test --id amazon --size 3 --template jenkins

You can then check the progress of your installation by typing log:tail (Ctrl+C to quit, also supports piping into grep - log:tail | grep ERROR), by typing in provisionr:pools or by viewing the Activiti web console at http://localhost:8181/activiti-explorer/.

Once the process is done, you can log in on your machines via ssh. You will have sudo rights, no password needed. If you want to do an automatic configuration of the whole cluster, check out the Rundeck tutorial.