Latest commit cbff96c Oct 27, 2016 @brettz9 brettz9 - Fix: Set `error` property of `IDBTransaction` for certain tx aborts
- Fix: 'error' and 'abort' bubbling events
   ((`IDBRequest`->) `IDBTransaction`->`IDBDatabase`),
   including reuse of same event object upon propagation and potential
   for cancellation as appropriate; used within `IDBTransaction` and
   potentially within `IDBFactory`
- Fix: Set `readyState` to "done", `result` to `undefined`, and `error`
   to a new `AbortError` on each request when aborting a transaction
- Fix: Set transaction active flag on while dispatching success/error
- Fix: Abort transaction upon request "success" handler throwing or
   "error" handler throwing or "error" event not being prevented
- Fix: Trigger queue of "error"-type events on all unfinished
   requests during transaction abort (then "abort" type event on
- Fix: Avoid adding `DOMException` class when error not found (should
   not occur?)
- Fix: Use `AbortError` as `IDBTransaction.error` property when
   "error" handler throws
- Fix: If transaction already aborted, avoid potential for
   request errors firing
- Fix: If transaction already aborted, avoid running further
   request callbacks or success/error events
- Fix: Throw for `IDBRequest` or `IDBOpenDBRequest` with `result`
   and `error` getters if request not yet done
- Fix: Add duck-typing `instanceof` mechanism for `ShimEvent`
- Fix: Change type to "abort" for transaction abort events
- Fix: Add `toString` for `IDBVersionChangeEvent`
- Fix: Set `readyState` for successful `IDBFactory.deleteDatabase`
    and `IDBFactory.webkitGetDatabaseNames`
- Fix: Set `readyState` to 'pending' for `IDBCursor` `continue`/`advance`
- Fix: Avoid adding requests with success events for
    and store/index renaming
- Fix: Avoid firing multiple `success` events with ``
- Fix: Fire abort event synchronously (otherwise transaction
    apparently timing out)
- Fix: Revert to using TypeError in place of DataError for missing
    arguments (part of WebIDL binding): `IDBIndex.get`/`IDBIndex.getKey`/
- Fix: Remove `ProxyPolyfill`
- Refactoring: Remove unneeded `DOMError` methods
- npm: Update packages
- Testing (Grunt): Force ESLint (since "standard" currently causing a warning)
- Testing (Grunt): Avoid uglification during Node testing (just use
    unminimized files)
- Testing fix: `` tests to do more flexible
   `instanceof` checks;
- Testing fix: Conditionally check for `indexedDB.modules` in case we
    are running tests without shim
- Testing (Mocha): Add missing `IDBKeyRange/includes-spec.js` to browser
- Testing (W3C Old): Cause recursive value test not to be skipped
- Testing improvement: Shim `Event` in Unicode test for parity (even
    if not needed in current tests)
- Testing (Mocha): Change ordering of tests
(Testing: Now passing old W3C tests: IDBObjectStore.put.js, KeyGenerator.js, RequestBehavior.js)
- CHANGES: Update changes file to include recent `master` improvements