Command Line Usage

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Command Line


$ browser-perf url options

where url is the url of the page to load.


  • -s --selenium= Url where the selenium server is running. This could be

    • http://localhost:4444/wd/hub for a local selenium
    • for testing on saucelabs
    • when testing on browserstack
    • localhost:9515 when chromedriver is started directly.
  • -u --username= the username for browserstack or saucelabs. The app automatically sets it in the capabilities object in case of browser stack, or in selenium url in case of saucelabs.

  • -a --accesskey the secret access key for saucelabs or browserstack.

  • -c --config-file Specify a configuration file. This config file contains the JSON object specified in this options object. Options specified in the command line override those specified in the config file. See here for sample config files.

  • --prescript-file A selenium script to run before starting to measure the metrics. Usually used for login

  • -b --browsers A comma separated list of browsers. For specifying detailed browser configuration, the config file can be used. See the browser config API for details on how this can be configured.

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