CLI for PreJSS - get ES6 modules with JSS styles from CSS/SCSS/LESS styles or CSS frameworks
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Command-Line Interface (CLI) interface for converting CSS/SCSS/LESS/other files to ES6 modules with JSS objects or to JSON files using any PreJSS parser and config.


# Convert CSS file to JSON in current directory
prejss-cli -f json source.css --pretty

# Convert CSS file to ES6 in current directory
prejss-cli source.css

# Convert all CSS in specified directory to ES6 in ./examples/dist
prejss-cli examples/src --out-dir ./examples/dist

# Convert CSS in specified directory to ES6 in the same directory
# using specified parser (which should be installed as prejss-NAME-parser package)

npm install -g prejss-postcss-parser

prejss-cli examples/src --parser postcss

# Convert SCSS files only in specified directory to ES6 modules with JSS objects
# using specified parser and config

npm install -g postcss-import postcss-simple-vars postcss-sassy-mixins

prejss-cli bootstrap/v4-dev/scss/**/*.scss --parser postcss --out-dir ./bootstrap4-jss \
  --config plugins=postcss-import,postcss-simple-vars,postcss-sassy-mixins