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Feb 24, 2020
Axe Core

@charlesrocket charlesrocket released this May 24, 2019

Axe Core v1.4


Legacy messages mnw, mnwb, mnget, mnb, mnp, dseg, mnv, qdcommit and their corresponding inventory types (7, 10, 14, 15, 19, 22) are no longer suported.

Message version is extended with a 256 bit field - a challenge sent to a masternode. Masternode which received such a challenge must reply with new p2p message mnauth directly after verack. This mnauth message must include a signed challenge that was previously sent via version.


Due to changes in coinbase payload this version requires for miners to signal their readiness via BIP9-like mechanism - by setting bit 4 of the block version to 1. Note that if your mining software simply uses coinbase_payload field from getblocktemplate RPC and doesn't construct coinbase payload manually then there should be no changes to your mining software required. We however encourage pools and solo-miners to check their software compatibility on testnet to ensure flawless migration.


The wallet will try to create and consume denoms a bit more accurately now. It will also only create a limited number of inputs for each denominated amount to prevent bloating itself with mostly the smallest denoms. You can control this number of inputs via new -privatesenddenoms cmd-line option (default is 300).


Legacy InstantSend is going to be superseded by the newly implemented LLMQ-based one once DIP0008 (bit 4) is active and SPORK_20_INSTANTSEND_LLMQ_BASED spork is ON.


There are two new sporks introduced in this version - SPORK_19_CHAINLOCKS_ENABLED and SPORK_20_INSTANTSEND_LLMQ_BASED. SPORK_17_QUORUM_DKG_ENABLED was introduced in v1.3 but was kept OFF. It will be turned on once 80% masternodes are upgraded to v1.4 which will enable DKG and DKG-based PoSe. Activation process remains the same through spork.cpp (

QR codes

Wallet can now show QR codes for addresses in the address book, receiving addresses and addresses identified in transactions list (right click -> "Show QR-code").

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