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Does it Beep?

This is the Chrome and Firefox extension for Does it Beep?, the only product recommendation site that asks the hard-hitting question you want answered: does the damn gizmo beep or not.

Currently it, er, we'll say parasitizes (Best Picture Oscar Winner 2020!) certain other, better-funded product recommendation sites -- if you're looking at an item listing on a supported page, clicking the Does it Beep button in your browser toolbar will query the Does it Beep API ( to match you to a Does it Beep listing for that item. If the item is not yet listed on Does it Beep, it will automatically take you to the Github Issues page to contribute a new listing.

Why did you start this project?

I started Does it Beep as a sort of fussy, ironic tribute to my dearly departed dog, who was terrified of just about anything that beeped unpredictably, and after being inspired by open source stalwart Simon Willison being apparently similarly fussy.

It also sounds kind of like a discarded Bojack Horseman gag, which is just the way I intend to launch a website.

I made the site itself with 11ty, Netlify, and Github. I made the extension during my first week at the Recurse Center, because I'd never shipped a browser extension before!

Why do all of your side projects antagonize the NYT in some way?

I have no idea what you mean.


MIT. Please see COPYING for full details.


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