Python script which parses 32-bit SHSH/APTickets and prints the APTicket nonce, if any.
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This script parses APTicket and SHSH files for 32-bit iOS devices and prints the nonce inside of the APTicket.

Compatible with macOS and Linux. openssl is required, but it should be installed by default.


1. What SHSH/APTickets can be used to restore to an older iOS version without a jailbreak with alitek123's bug?

* Your device must be a 32-bit A5/A6 iOS device: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod Touch (5th generation)

* Your SHSH/APTicket cannot be for someone else's device. SHSH/APTickets are device specific. Don't ask other people for their SHSH/APTickets, your device will not accept them.

* Your SHSH/APTicket must be for iOS 9.x. Other iOS versions cannot restore with this bug.

* Your SHSH/APTicket must not have a nonce. Use this script to check if your SHSH/APTicket has a nonce.

* Your SHSH/APTicket should be complete: You need the APTicket as well as the LLB and iBSS SHSH. Most SHSH/APTickets which do not have a nonce will have iBSS and LLB SHSH, so you probably have them. 

* If you don't have iBSS SHSH, you can only restore from Recovery Mode and iOS 9.x must be currently installed on your device.

* If your device does not currently have iOS 9.x installed, you can only restore from DFU Mode.

2. What tool can I use to restore if I meet all conditions from the first question?

Use iDeviceReRestore, compatible with macOS and Linux.

Download it from the official site:

3. I have iOS 9.x installed. Can I dump the 9.x SHSH/APTicket from my device and use them to restore with this bug?

Probably not. SHSH/APTickets dumped from a device will most likely have a nonce, and you won't be able to use them to restore with this bug.

Except for S5L8942 devices (iPad mini, iPod Touch (5th generation), and the revised iPad 2 model: iPad2,4), you might be able to use them to restore with Odysseus, but only if your device is already jailbroken. S5L8942 devices are not supported with Odysseus, because there are no firmware decryption keys available.

4. How do I learn more about SHSH/APTickets and the restore process for iOS?

tihmstar's presentation from 33c3 has a good overview.



5. What is the best tool for saving SHSH/APTickets for 32-bit iOS devices?

Fork of savethemblobs by iApeiron.

Get it from here:

6. How do I check my SHSH/APTickets to see if they have a nonce?

Download this script and your SHSH/APTickets to your computer. 

In Terminal, run the script and provide the APTicket/SHSH file as the first argument.


$ ./ iPhone_5-8.3-12F70.shsh 
Parsing APTicket from SHSH file.
APTicket has a nonce.
Nonce (hex dump): eabcfa378d0dbca8c26d1c25de56928cd85ba06a
Nonce length:     20 bytes

$ ./ iPhone_5-9.3.5-13G36.shsh
Parsing APTicket from SHSH file.
APTicket does not have a nonce.

If you don't get the expected output, or there is an error message, attach the SHSH/APTicket to your comment on Github and I will take a look at it.