boot LLB/iBoot/iBSS/iBEC image from a jailbroken iOS kernel
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kloader (ios-kexec-utils)


  • made by winocm and improved by axi0mX

  • armv7 support for iOS 4.0-9.3.5 (requires a jailbreak with tfp0 kernel patch)

  • arm64 support for iOS 7.0-8.4.1 (requires a jailbreak with tfp0 kernel patch and patched LLB/iBoot/iBSS/iBEC)

  • will automatically wake up device after 2 seconds (no button press required, should work 99.9% of the time)

Use the provided binary if you do not need to change kloader source code.

Please report issues on GitHub and I will do my best to fix them.


These dependencies are only needed if you wish to compile kloader.

  • Xcode

Latest version will work, but the following 2 files must be copied from a DMG of an older version of Xcode. I used Xcode_6.4.dmg.
  • ldid

Homebrew can be used to install ldid on macOS.

brew install ldid