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0.3.6 2012-10-21)
- Minor cosmetic changes to reduce noise in clang. Might have fixed
cryptolib linking error. [BUG]
0.3.6 2012-09-04)
- Fixed memory leak in SHA512 computation. Thanks pbutler! [BUG]
0.3.2 2011-12-07)
- Fixed segfault when using non-strings as values. [BUG]
0.3.1 2011-12-07)
- Fixed casting of size_t for very large bloom filters. [BUG]
- Added option to use standard memory (rather than mmap) to back the bloom filter.
(Specify None or '' as the argument to file name.) [FEATURE]
- Changed hash to use a "superfast" hash rather than md5 since md5 is
unnecessarily slow. [FEATURE]
0.2.0 2011-11-13)
- Fixed hashing to use md5 hash and change the bit computation to pass
accuracy test. [BUG]
0.1.28 2011-03-12)
- Added check to ensure that the required permissions are available when
opening a file. [BUG]
0.1.26 2011-03-07)
- Added __dealloc__ to fix memory/resource leaks. [BUG]
- Added .close() method to forcibly close a bloom filter object. [FEATURE]
0.1.20 2010-12-21)
- Changed prime number finder to use a standard double and add 1 to find
likely numbers in log(n) time.
0.1.18 2010-10-25)
- Fixed issue #5, wherein a call to open() returning an invalid fd would
cause a seg fault. [BUG]
0.1.12 2010-4-5)
- Added __len__ which gives a good estimate of how many elements were
inserted [FEATURE]
- Removed __ixor__ since it didn't make much sense.
- Added .intersect() and .union() as a synonym for __iand__ and __ior__ [FEATURE]
- Added reserved space to the BloomFilter structure to support future updates. [FEATURE]
0.1.10 2010-4-2)
- Added MANIFEST so that building distributions works [FEATURE]
- Restructured docs so that html is a symlink to the _build/html directory [FEATURE]
- Added Cython detection in Building now works without Cython installed [FEATURE]
0.1.8 2010-3-31)
- Fixed bug where opening invalid bloom files caused seg faults [BUG]
- Fixed alignment bug where sometimes hash seeds would not [BUG]
be compared correctly.
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