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ATSD R Package

Table of Contents


ATSD R Package enables R developers to communicate with Axibase Time Series Database; a non-relational clustered database for storing performance measurements from IT infrastructure resources such as servers, network devices, storage systems, and applications.

  • /source directory contains package source code and documentation.
  • /compiled directory contains binary packages for Linux and Windows as well as installation instructions.

Connection Functions

Manage ATSD connection. Set up and store ATSD URL, username, and password. Configure cryptographic protocol and enforce SSL certificate validation when using HTTPS connection.

  • show_connection(): Prints current values of the connection parameters. These values can differ from values in the configuration file.
  • set_connection(): Overrides connection parameters for the duration of the current R session without changing the configuration file. If called without arguments, the function sets the connection parameters from the configuration file, otherwise file argument defines the connection.config file to use.
  • save_connection(): Overrides connection parameters for the duration of the current R session without changing the configuration file.

Refer to Configure Connection for more information.

Package Functions

ATSD R Package provides functions for storing and retrieving time series and related meta data in ATSD:

  • to_zoo() : Builds a zoo object from the given Data Frame.
  • query(): Retrieves historical time series data or forecasts from ATSD as a Data Frame object.
  • get_metrics(): Retrieves a list of metrics and associated tags from ATSD, and converts them to Data Frame object.
  • get_entities(): Retrieves a list of entities and associated tags from ATSD, and converts them to a Data Frame object.
  • get_series_tags(): Retrieves series tags for the defined metric and returns a Data Frame object. For each time series, the function enumerates tags and last update time associated with the series.
  • save_series(): Saves time series from a Data Frame into ATSD.

For more information about package functions and their usage, refer to Package Functions Documentation.


Stable release available via CRAN.


To install the alpha version from GitHub:


atsd package depends upon the installation of the following packages:

Review installed packages with the library() command.

To install required packages:

install.packages(c("RCurl", "httr", "zoo"))

Getting Started

Upon completion of package download, load the package into R to begin working with ATSD.


Review package documentation:

help(package = "atsd")

Package vignette contains detailed documentation and usage examples. View long-form documentation with browseVignettes:

browseVignettes(package = "atsd")

For help with a particular function or package, use ? syntax followed by the package name:

  • ?atsd
  • ?set_connection
  • ?query
  • ?get_metrics
  • ?get_entities


To detach atsd from the current R session:

detach("package:atsd", unload = TRUE)

To remove the package completely:

remove.packages("atsd", .libPaths())


ATSD R Package is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.



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