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R package: atsd

This repository contains the atsd R package. This package provides functionality to communicate with the Axibase Time Series Database (ATSD). ATSD is a non-relational clustered database used for storing performance measurements from IT infrastructure resources, such as servers, network devices, storage systems, and applications.

The source folder contains the atsd package source code, and its documentation.

The compiled folder contains binary packages for linux and windows, and the installation instruction.

For more documentation and usage examples view, and


The atsd package provides functions for retrieving time-series and related meta-data such as entities, metrics, and tags from ATSD:

  • set_connection(), save_connection(), show_connection() - used to manage the connection with ATSD. Set up and store the url, user name, and password. Configure cryptographic protocol and enforce SSL certificate validation in the case of https connection.
  • query() - get historical data and forecasts from ATSD.
  • get_metrics() - get metadata about the metrics collected by ATSD.
  • get_entities() - get metadata about the entities collected by ATSD.
  • get_series_tags() - get unique time series tags for the metric.
  • to_zoo() - converts a time-series data frame to a zoo object for manipulating irregular time-series with built-in functions in the zoo package.


Stable release available via CRAN. Install in R as:


To install the alpha version from github:


The atsd package requires RCurl, httr, and zoo packages to be installed. You could review installed packages with the library() command. If RCurl, httr, or zoo are not installed, install them as follows: install.packages(c("RCurl", "httr", "zoo")).

Getting Started

To start using the package, load it into R with the command library(atsd).

To view the complete package documentation, type help(package = "atsd").

The package vignette contains detailed documentation and usage examples. To view the vignette type, enter browseVignettes(package = "atsd").

To get help for a particular function or package, type ? followed by the function (package) name. For example, ?atsd, ?set_connection, ?query, ?get_metrics, ?get_entities etc.


To detach the package from the current R session: detach("package:atsd", unload = TRUE).

To uninstall the package completely: remove.packages("atsd", .libPaths()).


The atsd package is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Usage examples

View the usage examples of the atsd package in and