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Batch Viewer

Table of Contents


The Batch Viewer is a visual interface which compares key metrics across multiple assets and manufacturing tasks to improving process efficiency and equipment utilization by identifying patterns, trends, and outliers.

The installation process requires copying Batch Viewer files to the server where ATSD is running. Access to the ATSD server console is required to accomplish this task.


View a live Batch Viewer demo.


Copy Resources

Open a console session into the ATSD server.

Download the Batch Viewer archive and extract it into the directory /opt/atsd/atsd/conf/portal/batch.

mkdir -p $BATCH_DIR
curl -o $BATCH_DIR/
cp -r $BATCH_DIR/batch-viewer-master/build/* $BATCH_DIR/
rm -r $BATCH_DIR/ $BATCH_DIR/batch-viewer-master

The required directory structure is shown here:


Insert Sample Data

Open the Data > Data Entry page.

Copy sample data into the Commands field and click Send.

Verify that the Entities tab shows three entities axi.asset-*.

Verify that the Metrics tab shows metrics axi.asset-*.

Open Viewer

Verify that the Batch Viewer is accessible at https://atsd_hostname:8443/portal/resource/batch/index.html

The Viewer should display two sites in the top menu.

Getting Started

  1. Select sites nur and svl and then select buildings B and C from the top-left control panel.

    Use Ctrl + Click or ⌘ + Click to choose multiple sites and buildings.

  2. Once you have selected buildings, view the list of equipment assets in the top-right panel. Select axi.asset-2 and axi.asset-2.

    Use Ctrl + Click or ⌘ + Click to select multiple assets.

  3. Scroll down and locate the scrollable and zoomable timeline containing manufacturing batches for the selected assets.

    A batch is the interval of time the equipment executes an assigned manufacturing task. Each batch is composed of one or more procedures, executed sequentially. Every batch is represented as a rectangle, divided into blue and orange segments for every procedure of the batch. Idle time between procedures is colored grey.

    • The Assets control contains assets displayed on the timeline.
    • The Procedures selector toggles the visibilty of procedures of the same type.
    • The Batch Duration slider filters batches that completed within the specified time range.
    • The Batch Search field finds batches which name contains the specified text. The match is case-insensitive and supports '*' as the wildcard character.

  4. Click batches 1401 and 1409 on the timeline and scroll down. Locate the Time Chart which consists of metrics for the selected assets for the interval of time to fit selected batches. Metrics for multiple batches are re-based to a start date in order to illustrate metric values relative to batch start time.

  5. Click Interpolation to enable time series regularization with the specified period or step function.


Batch Viewer to compare metrics generated by equipment in batch-driven industries




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