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@@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ The Axiom Stack website is at:
You will find plenty of documentation there to get started and learn how to develop web applications with
the Axiom Stack.
+Our Google group is at:
How to build the source:
@@ -22,11 +26,27 @@ ant -buildfile /path/to/build.xml jar
Successful completion of the jar ANT task will result in the Axiom Stack being built to lib/axiom.jar
+Using Eclipse:
+To use Eclipse ( for working with the source please follow these steps. This assumes you have the source on your system. (below $WORKSPACE should be replaced with the actual path to your Eclipse workspace)
+ - Get Eclipse (
+ - Open Eclipse
+ - Specify a workspace
+ - Move the source into your workspace (mv stack $WORKSPACE/stack)
+ - Create a new Java project
+ - Project Name: stack
+ - Existing Source: $WORKSPACE/stack
+ - Finish
+This should make it easy for you to import the source. We include our build file so you can use that to compile/jar Axiom Stack.
The Axiom Stack source depends on a customized Lucene implementation. This customized implementation comes
with the Axiom Stack and is located at lib/axiom-lucene.jar; therefore, you don't need to do anything extra
to get this customized version with the source you just downloaded. However, if you would like the source
-code for the customized Lucene version, please go to
+code for the customized Lucene version, please go to
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