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Nodejs examples of using Axiomware's netrunr-gapi-async Javascript SDK

SDK, Documentation and examples

Repo Comment
basic-async-example Basic example of using netrunr-gapi-async JS SDK
advertisement-scanner-async Basic example - using netrunr-gapi-async JS SDK to capture Bluetooth advertisement
advertisement-scanner-file-async Capture Bluetooth advertisements and save to CSV file
GATT-scanner-async Print out the GATT table of BLE device
sensortag-file-async Collect data from TI Sensortag and store to a file
advertisement-scanner-multigateway-async Capture advertisements packets and store to file, Multi-gateway support
multisensor-file-async Collect data from multiple sensors of two different types (SensorTag CC2650 and Sensirion SHT31 Smart Gadget)