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We are open to, and grateful for, any contributions made by the community. By contributing to axios, you agree to abide by the code of conduct.

Code Style

Please follow the node style guide.

Commit Messages

Please follow conventional commits


Please update the tests to reflect your code changes. Pull requests will not be accepted if they are failing on Travis CI.


Please update the docs accordingly so that there are no discrepancies between the API and the documentation.


  • grunt test run the jasmine and mocha tests
  • grunt build run webpack and bundle the source
  • grunt version prepare the code for release
  • grunt watch:test watch for changes and run test
  • grunt watch:build watch for changes and run build

Please don't include changes to dist/ in your pull request. This should only be updated when releasing a new version.


Releasing a new version is mostly automated. For now the CHANGELOG requires being updated manually. Once this has been done run the commands below. Versions should follow semantic versioning.

  • npm version <newversion> -m "Releasing %s"
  • npm publish

Running Examples

Examples are included in part to allow manual testing.

Running example

> npm run examples
# Open

Running sandbox in browser

> npm start
# Open

Running sandbox in terminal

> npm start
> node ./sandbox/client