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This repository is the code for the universal subtitles project 

To run the development version:

1. Git clone the repository:

       git clone git:// mirosubs

   Now the entire project will be in the mirosubs directory.

2. Install virtualenv

3. (optional) download and download the virtualenv wrapper bash

4. Create a virtual environment and activate it. Here is how to do it 
   *without* the virtualenv wrapper. Run these commands from the parent 
   of the mirosubs directory created in #1:

   $ virtualenv mirosubs-env
   $ source mirosubs-env/bin/activate

   If you're using the virtualenv wrapper (run from any directory):

   $ mkvirtualenv mirosubs
   $ workon mirosubs

5. run:
   $ easy_install -U setuptools
   $ easy_install pip
   $ cd deploy
   # this is the mirosubs directory you cloned from git, not the parent you created the virtualenv in.
   $ pip install -r requirements.txt
       note: you'll need mercurial installed to make this last command work.

6. Check out google closure into directory of your choice: svn checkout <directory>. Then 
   symlink media/js/closure-library to the checkout location. From the 
   mirosubs directory in step 1:

   $ cd media/js
   $ ln -s <google closure checkout directory> closure-library

7. Add to your hosts file, pointing at 
   This is necessary for Twitter oauth to work correctly.

8. From the mirosubs directory created in step 1, first create the 
   database with

       python syncdb

   Then update the database with

       python migrate

   SQLLite warnings are okay. Then run the site with:


   You can access the site at

9. (optional) If you want to run video searches locally, you need to set up solr:
   A. Download solr and unzip to ../buildout/parts/solr (relative to this directory).
   B. Run ./ run_solr in one terminal that is dedicated to running the solr process.
   C. run ./ rebuild_index to update the index.
   D. That should be it but, in case you're interested, there's a 
      list of haystack commands at


Universal subtitling for online video




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