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add decorator for returning JSON from views

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axitkhurana committed May 29, 2012
1 parent 48cb6a7 commit 2c5cb34a83205233ec65a193f650db7ff512323b
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from functools import wraps
from flask import request, jsonify, render_template
def request_wants_json():
best = request.accept_mimetypes.best_match(['application/json',
return best == 'application/json' and (request.accept_mimetypes[best] >
def render(template=None):
def decorator(f):
def decorated_function(*args, **kwargs):
ctx = f(*args, **kwargs)
if ctx is None:
ctx = {}
elif not isinstance(ctx, dict):
return ctx
render_type = request_wants_json()
if render_type:
return jsonify(ctx)
return render_template(template, **ctx)
return decorated_function
return decorator

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