Make source paths and event types available from an event list #128

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Right now it's possible to call getPaths() on an event list to get a list of paths that the event applies to. This is useful, but more features would be convenient.

It'd be nice to be able to call getSourcePaths() or similar to get a list of absolute, rather than relative, paths. (Right now I have to fix this up manually in my code.)

Sometimes it would be convenient to determine what type of event each entry in an event list represents, as well.


Gladly accepting Pull Requests that enhance event list functionality.

lsyncd.lua Line 746ff

Interesting to know is Lsyncd distinction between Delay and Event, where the former are its own data structures and the later an opaque handle for the scripts, so they cannot interfere in a nasty with internal. d2e and e2d are used to switch between the both.


I'll try my hand at it sometime in the next week or two, and see if I can't get you a pull request. =)

One reason I wanted to post some issues before jumping right in is that I was concerned that the reason the event list functionality wasn't fully fleshed out is that it was being deprecated. It sounds like that's not the case, though.


Tentatively closing the issue, for now. I'd be interested in the use case scenario that needs the new code, so far stuff has only been implemented as needed.

@axkibe axkibe closed this Oct 8, 2012
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