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Welcome to the Symja wiki

We encourage everyone to participate in this wiki. To edit it, you need to create an account (top right corner). Just fill in your name and password and that's it (no email confirmation, or other annoying things).

Note: the Symja language description is included in the source code and not part of this wiki. Especially the documentation of the Symja functions can be found in this folder.


Features of the Symja language:

  • arbitrary precision integers, rational and complex numbers
  • differentiation, integration, equation solving, polynomial and linear algebra functions...
  • a general purpose Term Rewriting System and Pattern Matching engine
  • use human readable math expression strings or the internal abstract syntax tree (AST) representation to code in Java. See the Unit test examples
  • two REPLs are available in the library a for standard math input and a for Mathematica like syntax input.
  • Symja can also be used interactively in the Java jshell




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