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BETA tests

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If you would like to help testing the latest Symja engine in an Android app, please register as a Beta tester in the Google play store for this app:

In the main menu of the app in the upper left corner choose the menu entry

  • Programming

In the "Console" of the Programming activity tab you can now evaluate a Symja expression with the Run button:


In the "Document" tab you can search for example function calls and copy some example expressions:


The functions Manipulate, Plot, ParametricPlot, Plot3D, ListPlot, ListLinePlot show a graphical output if evaluated in the console.

The function JSForm shows the JavaScript expression which is used to create the graphics output

The function TreeForm shows a math expression as a graph.

The function Graph shows a graph from graph theory.

If you find a bug in the evaluation engine please add a new item in this project:

If you would like to improve the description of the functions or documentation, please add a pull request with the change of a markdown document in this folder:

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