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Erlang bindings to the fann C library.
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This is erlang bindings to the FANN, Fast Artificial Neural Networks, library written in C. The interfacing towards FANN is done by a port.

You can read the documentation at:

Please also check out the tutorials section in the wiki,

Travis CI: Build Status


Fannerl is not a straight copy of FANN into erlang but alot looks the same. As the interface towards FANN is implemented as a port there are some special considerations that need to be taken. The user need to start an instance of fannerl which will handle all communication towards FANN. You are able to start multiple instances if need be. Note that if you start fannerl using fannerl:start_instance/0 you will need to use the fannerl functions that end with the suffix _on.

When you create a neural network or read in training data from a file, it is important to realise that the return you get is an erlang reference created by make_ref(). The reference itself is of course immutable but you need to keep in mind that changes can of course occur to the neural network while the network is trained.

Fannerl uses maps so Erlang/OTP 17 or newer is required.

A version of FANN that is at least 2.2.0 is required.

Fannerl is currently only compatible with the libfanndouble version of FANN.

Fannerl has been tested on Linux and Mac OS X where it works. It has not been tested on Windows and please consider this as unsupported. It most likely works on windows, it just isn't tested.


Please make sure that FANN is installed on your system, follow FANNs installation instructions.

Erlang/OTP must of course be installed. Make sure the version is at least 17.0.

Download a tarball, zipfile from github or clone the repo from a chosen point. Fannerl comes with a self contained rebar binary that can be used for setup. When you have unpacked or cloned a version of fannerl to your system, enter the directory where you store fannerl. Run the following:

# Compile fannerl
./rebar compile

Now you can use fannerl for your own applications. Here are some commands that you can run:

# run eunit tests
./rebar eunit

# run the Common Test suite, bash script

# run the examples, bash script


As previously stated you need to start an instance where you create your neural networks. This instance is a process and you can only use your neural networks within this process. You can transfer any neural networks between instances by saving the network as a file and load it in the other instance.

There are functions to destroy the networks and training data as there are for the C-version. If the instance is stopped by the user the instance will first check if any networks or training data is present and destroy this data.


There are more examples in the examples dir. This is an edited version of the simple.erl example which trains a network to recognize XOR.

EpochBetweenReports = 100,
MaxEpochs = 1000,
N = fannerl:create({2,3,1}),
fannerl:set_activation_function_all(N, fann_sigmoid_symmetric),
fannerl:set_activation_steepness_all(N, 1),

  fun(X) ->
	  ok = fannerl:train(N, {1.0, 1.0}, {-1.0}),
	  ok = fannerl:train(N, {1.0, -1.0}, {1.0}),
	  ok = fannerl:train(N, {-1.0, 1.0}, {1.0}),
	  ok = fannerl:train(N, {-1.0, -1.0}, {-1.0}),
	  #{mean_square_error := Mse} = fannerl:get_params(N),
	      X rem EpochBetweenReports == 0 ->
		  io:format("It #~p, MSE: ~p~n", [X, Mse]);
	      true ->
  end, lists:seq(1, MaxEpochs)),
%% Reset the MSE for the tests
%% Use the fann_threshold_symmetric activation function for this example for better values
fannerl:set_activation_function_all(N, fann_threshold_symmetric),
{Out1} = fannerl:test(N, {1, 1}, {-1}),
io:format("Test 1,1 -> ~p, expected -1, diff: ~p~n",
	  [Out1, abs(-1 - Out1)]),
{Out2} = fannerl:test(N, {1, -1}, {1}),
io:format("Test 1,1 -> ~p, expected 1, diff: ~p~n",
	  [Out2, abs(1 - Out2)]),
{Out3} = fannerl:test(N, {-1, 1}, {1}),
io:format("Test 1,1 -> ~p, expected 1, diff: ~p~n",
	  [Out3, abs(1 - Out3)]),
{Out4} = fannerl:test(N, {-1, -1}, {-1}),
io:format("Test 1,1 -> ~p, expected -1, diff: ~p~n",
	  [Out4, abs(-1 - Out4)]),
%% Cleanup

Plan of FANN support

This is the current status of what is supported from FANN and when more is planned to be supported.


fann function supported by fannerl verson Comment
fann_create_standard fannerl:create 1.0.0
fann_create_standard_array fannerl:create 1.0.0 Implicitly covered in fannerl:create
fann_create_sparse fannerl:create 1.0,0 Implicitly covered in fannerl:create
fann_create_sparse_array fannerl:create 1.0.0 Implicitly covered in fannerl:create
fann_create_shortcut fannerl:create 1.0.0 Implicitly covered in fannerl:create
fann_create_shortcut_array fannerl:create 1.0.0 Implicitly covered in fannerl:create
fann_destroy fannerl:destroy 1.0.0
fann_copy fannerl:copy 1.0.0
fann_run fannerl:run 1.0.0
fann_randomize_weights fannerl:randomize_weights 1.0.0
fann_init_weights fannerl:init_weights 1.0.0
fann_print_connections - 1.1.0 Will be covered in future release
fann_print_parameters - 1.1.0 Will be covered in future release
fann_get_num_input fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_num_output fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_total_neurons fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_total_connections fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_network_type fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_connection_rate fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_num_layers fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_layer_array fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_bias_array fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_connection_array fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_weight_array fannerl:set_weights 1.0.0
fann_set_weight fannerl:set_weight 1.0.0
fann_get_weights - - Will not cover
fann_set_weights - - Will not cover
fann_set_user_data - - Will not cover
fann_get_user_data - - Will not cover
fann_disable_seed_rand - Later release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_enable_seed_rand - Later release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_get_decimal_point - 1.X.0 Will be covered in future release
fann_get_multiplier - 1.X.0 Will be covered in future release


fann function supported by fannerl verson Comment
fann_train fannerl:train 1.0.0
fann_test fannerl:test 1.0.0
fann_get_MSE fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_get_bit_fail fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_reset_MSE fannerl:reset_mse 1.0.0
fann_train_on_data fannerl:train_on_data 1.0.0
fann_train_on_file fannerl:train_on_file 1.0.0
fann_train_epoch fannerl:train_epoch 1.0.0
fann_test_data fannerl:test_data 1.0.0
fann_read_train_from_file fannerl:read_train_from_file 1.0.0
fann_create_train - - Will not cover
fann_create_train_pointer_array - Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_create_train_array - Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_create_train_from_callback - - Will not cover
fann_destroy_train fannerl:destroy_train 1.0.0
fann_get_train_input - Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_get_train_output - Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_shuffle_train_data fannerl:shuffle_train 1.0.0
fann_get_min_train_input Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_get_max_train_input Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_get_min_train_output Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_get_max_train_output Later Release Supported in fann 2.3.0
fann_scale_train fannerl:scale_train 1.0.0
fann_descale_train fannerl:descale_train 1.0.0
fann_set_input_scaling_params - 1.0.0 Will be covered by fannerl:set_scaling_params
fann_set_output_scaling_params - 1.0.0 Will be covered by fannerl:set_scaling_params
fann_set_scaling_params fannerl:set_scaling_params 1.0.0
fann_clear_scaling_params fannerl:clear_scaling_params 1.0.0
fann_scale_input fannerl:scale_input 1.1.0
fann_scale_output fannerl:scale_output 1.1.0
fann_descale_input fannerl:descale_input 1.1.0
fann_descale_output fannerl:descale_output 1.1.0
fann_scale_input_train_data - - Use scale_train instead
fann_scale_output_train_data - - Use scale_train instead
fann_scale_train_data - - Use scale_train instead
fann_merge_train_data fannerl:merge_train_data 1.0.0
fann_duplicate_train_data fannerl:duplicate_train_data 1.0.0
fann_subset_train_data fannerl:subset_train_data 1.0.0
fann_length_train_data fannerl:get_train_params 1.0.0
fann_num_input_train_data fannerl:get_train_params 1.0.0
fann_num_output_train_data fannerl:get_train_params 1.0.0
fann_save_train fannerl:save_train 1.0.0
fann_save_train_to_fixed - - Will be covered in future release
fann_get_training_algorithm fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_training_algorithm fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_learning_rate fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_learning_rate fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_learning_momentum fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_learning_momentum fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_activation_function fannerl:get_activation_function 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_function fannerl:set_activation_function 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_function_layer fannerl:set_activation_function_layer 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_function_hidden fannerl:set_activation_function_hidden 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_function_output fannerl:set_activation_function_output 1.0.0
fann_get_activation_steepness fannerl:get_activation_steepness 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_steepness fannerl:set_activation_steepness 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_steepness_layer fannerl:set_activation_steepness_layer 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_steepness_hidden fannerl:set_activation_steepness_hidden 1.0.0
fann_set_activation_steepness_output fannerl:set_activation_steepness_output 1.0.0
fann_get_train_error_function fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_train_error_function fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_train_stop_function fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_train_stop_function fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_bit_fail_limit fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_bit_fail_limit fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_set_callback - - Will not be supported
fann_get_quickprop_decay fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_quickprop_decay fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_quickprop_mu fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_quickprop_mu fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_rprop_increase_factor fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_rprop_increase_factor fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_rprop_decrease_factor fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_rprop_decrease_factor fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_rprop_delta_min fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_rprop_delta_min fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_rprop_delta_max fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_rprop_delta_max fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_rprop_delta_zero fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_rprop_delta_zero fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_sarprop_weight_decay_shift fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_sarprop_weight_decay_shift fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_sarprop_step_error_threshold_factor fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_sarprop_step_error_threshold_factor fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_sarprop_step_error_shift fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_sarprop_step_error_shift fannerl:set_params 1.0.0
fann_get_sarprop_temperature fannerl:get_params 1.0.0
fann_set_sarprop_temperature fannerl:set_params 1.0.0

File Input/Output

fann function supported by fannerl verson Comment
fann_create_from_file fannerl:create_from_file 1.0.0
fann_save fannerl:save 1.0.0
fann_save_to_fixed - 1.X.0 Will be supported in later release

Cascade Training

All cascade training functions are planned for 1.3.0

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